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Kachka: A Return to Russian Cooking

Released with much acclaim and winner of Food 52’s Piglet competition, Bonnie Morales’ debut cookbook is a collection of the recipes that made Kachka famous as well as simple staples and absolute showstoppers. Each recipe is introduced with social and cultural history, anecdotes from Bonnie’s childhood, and beautiful photography by Leela Cyd to instruct and inspire. Order yours today, or stop by Kachka in person to purchase a signed copy!

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As featured in the Kachka Cookbook, a traditional Pelmenitsa is a wonderfully efficient tool for creating perfectly-sized dumplings. Bonnie describes it as “a perfection of Soviet design.” If you’re looking to recreate Kachka’s dumplings at home, we recommend this one, available through Amazon below. Note: we don’t receive any incentives for selling these — we just love them!