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Interwoven, presented by Lexus and the Jupiter Hotel, is a series of four dinners that will be truly collaborative: Morales will cook dishes inspired by her guest chefs, and they’ll in turn incorporate Eastern European flavors and ingredients from Kachka to create new dishes inspired by her cooking. The chefs will riff off of each other and the dishes will be presented in tandem with the aim of creating a seamless, one-of-a-kind meal that blends the two styles together.

Morales hand-picked the chefs who inspire her, but also whose food is a clear departure from Kachka, so that the dinners are a true exercise in culinary collaboration. Mason Hereford’s Turkey and the Wolf is a New Orleans sandwich shop (that Bon Appétit named “America’s best new restaurant”); James Beard Award winning chef Abe Conlon and Adrienne Lo from Fat Rice in Chicago cook food in celebration of the culinary history of Macao; Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson’s nationally acclaimed Los Angeles restaurant Kismet combines Middle Eastern flavors with a modern California aesthetic; at Oxomoco in New York, Justin Bazdarich is making waves (and earned a Michelin star) with his boundary-pushing Mexican cooking. 

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Interwoven Dinner with Kismet

Thursday, October 3rd at Kachka. Buy tickets for the dinner, then join us 9-midnight at Kachinka for the afterparty!

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Interwoven Dinner with Oxomoco - SOLD OUT!

Thursday, December 5th at Kachka. Buy tickets for the dinner, then join us 9-midnight at Kachinka for the afterparty!


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Interwoven After Parties

Join us at Kachinka from 9:00 to Midnight after each Interwoven dinner to enjoy snacks and beverages made exclusively for the evening. Meet the guest chef and mingle with Bonnie and Israel. Did we mention vodka? Free admission, food and beverage available for purchase. See you there!

Other Events


Smoked at Feast 2019 - SOLD OUT

The Fields Park in Portland, Oregon
Saturday, September 14th, 2019

“Smoked is a showcase of live-fire cooking by 20 of the country’s most heralded chefs. Expect unexpected food, top-shelf drinks and outstanding wines from Oregon and beyond.”


Modern Adventure Republic of Georgia Tour with Bonnie and Israel - 2 Spots Left!!!

October 4th-20th, 2019

“Georgia with Bonnie and Israel. We’ll cook. We’ll toast. We’ll drink. We’ll eat. Climb a little, walk a lot. Then wake up and start all over again.” Also, KHACHAPURI!!


Global Tea Tour of Russia

The Jasmine Pearl, 724 NE 22nd Ave
Saturday, November 16th, 2019

“The drink we tend to associate with Russia is vodka, but tea, in fact, is more the universal beverage of choice throughout the country. The key here is that it's not about what kind of tea you brew, but how you brew it and who you drink it with. Get acquainted with the intricacies of Russian tea etiquette, a fundamental component of the country's social culture.”